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Frequently asked questions

Who should join Personal Touch Academy?

  • Any body looking for best results for their efforts.
  • Very good students looking for a rank in IIT JEE.
  • Weak but hard working students looking to get better or improve marks or improve rank.
  • Note that student should be hard working or serious about studies.
  • We make our students work hard.Hard work is required,talent is our domain.
  • In essence anybody who is ready to work hard and sincere can benefit from the expertise of the academy.

Why one should join Personal touch academy?

  • “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” – Benjamin Franklin.Personal Tutoring can put you miles ahead in the cut throat race of competitive exams of today's era. You only have to invest once and benefits are life long and compounding.
  • Studies have conclusively shown that ' Learning is an individualised process '. One to one tutoring is thus the best way to impart high quality education in kids.
  • We are IIT JEE specialist in personal tutoring domain. We are consistently ranked No. 1 in private tutoring in Mumbai.
  • We are continuously researching latest pedagogical techniques like Spaced learning, Reflective teaching, Socratic method of learning, interleaved teaching and scientific methods like Cornell univertsity note talking method to improve learning and retention.
  • Any amount of money cannot increase a single mark of your kid. 12 boards and IIT JEE entrance is an life changing event. You onyl have to invest once. We suggest to pursue the best way possible (Whatever it could be) for your child to perform his or her level best.
  • We select students based on Assesment Class. Only pre condition is willinness to learn and commitment to work hard and we promise miracles. Non sincere students neede not apply.

What is your teaching methodology ?

  • We use Socratic Method of learning and teaching.This technique is based on interactive question answer techniques.
  • Basically it an interactive teaching methodology, involving student to do things them selves, guided by mentor.We don't prefer spoon feeding or formula based learning.
  • To us teaching is complete development of mind rather percento-mania in action.
  • However our students score very well in exams. Most of them are usually in top 3.

What notes/study material/books you provide ?

  • We give customized handwritten notes (In live session) to students.
  • We don't give pre-baked (Printed) notes as research has shown that self written notes increase learning by as much as 67%.
  • We do give printed study material (On high quality 80 GSM bond paper). This material consists of problems, test papers and some times theory.
  • Level of material depends on need of every student.

How many hours a month are required for a typical student ?

Based on our experience one class a week of 2-2.5 hrs perfect for students. Reasons are follows.

  • A student typically has to study more than three subjects either on tuition, or on his own.Hence he needs one day of coaching and one day of self practice.
  • It is also noticed that any setting of home tuition or any other scenario needs warm up period.Thus any class less than 2 hrs has waste period of say 10% of time.Note that students time is more precious than faculties time since he is never going to get that time back.
  • We however offer two classes a week also for group of students or in special need of students.
  • Scientifically also, student has to attempt 2.5 hrs test in every scenario.Thus this time schedule gives him a sitting practice for exams also.

How much improvement can I expect ?

  • Depends entirely on your hard work and sincerity.We have brought students who were on the verge of failing to getting more than 90% (Anonymous testimony available on request).
  • Typically you can expect an improvement of at least 20% from your joining or bottom performance.
  • Without boasting, our experience tells us that, every student whom we have taught (from whatever level) has managed to be in top 5 spot in his or her class ,if they are not there already.
  • We only prefer full term courses. We are NOT only promising better marks but a life transformation. Our faculties are well equipped wiht enough life experience and knowlegde that they will transform the life of the student. Since transformation needs time, we ONLY take full year students. We teach subject matter along with motivational lectures, life skills and knowledge from many other domains. You can think this coaching as a complete life transformation and NOT jus timprovement in grades or marks.

Which mode should I choose, i.e. monthly, hourly or yearly?

​This depends on situation entirely.

  • If you need classes only for last time revision, then hourly mode is fit for you.You can make a contract for revision only in say 30 hours and our faculty will do the needful in best possible way.
  • For students joining early, yearly mode or 100 hour mode is perfect.It is seen that typically a student of grade X/XI/XII requires 80 - 120 hours to complete his/her course.You can add another deviation of 20% on either side, depending on expertise and level of child.
  • Yearly mode is suitable for those students who have a lot of backlog of previous classes as well.Since they have to complete a lot of course, yearly mode is perfect for them as it limits their budget but maximizes their performance.
  • Monthly mode is suitable for students who prefer to pay in installments.Please note however monthly mode has 2 % per month convenience charge extra.
  • We currently take full year students only with the exception based soleley on assessment class.

What is the definition of yearly mode?

  • Yearly mode is course completion mode.As with all students one class a week is offered to every student.These classes may increase (Depending on requirement and sole discretion of faculty) or decrease.
  • No guaranteed number of classes are there.Only course completion and performance of student is considered.Duration of classes may also increase or decrease based on before said criteria.

Should I take one year course or two year course?

  • If you do not go to any coaching and want in depth preparation, we suggest a two year program for IIT JEE.
  • For students already going to coaching, one year course or 100 hour program is sufficient.
  • For coaching going students, the best time to join is in Grade XII, just before the summer vacations.
  • Students know grade XI course and have ready made doubts.​
  • In summer vacations they can clear all doubts of XIth and get basics ready for XIIth.
  • Minimum duration for private tuition to be effective is 40 hours.

What are typical charges for Home Tuition?

Private Tuition charges depends on many factors. Usually they start from 700/- per hour for grade 10th.

  • For JEE the charges start from 1000/- per hour for new teachers (Usually students of Engineering or IIT).
  • For faculties having upto 5 years of teaching experience in coaching institutes charges usually start from 1200/- per hour.
  • Good faculties with more than 10 year of experience start from 1800/- per hour for IIT JEE.
  • Main difference between a new faculty and an experienced faculty is time taken to teach any concept. An experienced faculty knows by his experience what to teach and what to skip. Experienced faculties usually take 50% of time in teaching the same concept as compared to new inexperienced faculty.
  • We use socratic method of teaching. This method is deductive question answer method. Socrates teaching method takes only 30% of time as compared to regular method and is much more efficient in ingraining new concepts in students mind.
  • We had completed full course of two years IIT JEE XI and XII in 50 hours with a student. Obviously the student was good and there were limitations.
  • We charge from 1800/- per hour to 5000/- per hour. This depends on many variables like course opted, distance from faculty, caliber of students, number of students in faculties route and performance in assessment class etc.
  • Call 9167766005 to schedule assessment class (Charges 5000/-).
  • Final Quote is decided in assessment class and is subject to faculties discretion, availabily and calliber of student.
  • All discounts / prices (We have dynamic pricing) offerred on website are time dependent and change from time to time depending on faculty availability etc. Discounts are discresnary and non binding.

How much you charge for assessment class and why ?

  • We charge flat 2500/- for assessment class.
  • Preferred lecture duration is 30 Mins.
  • In assessment class we try to understand the study habits and problems of the student and plan the future course of action.We suggest books they must refer, way of studies etc.
  • We charge to make sure the student is sincere about lecture.Having given so many bogus lectures we started charging for lectures to filter dust from the rest.
  • In assessment class final quote is decided based on faculties discretion and judgement.

Why should I pay Yearly advance (100 hour) advance?

  • Your days and classes are fixed for whole year.
  • We prefer yearly advance because it gives us more planning time for the student.
  • You are not disappointed if some one else gives yearly advance and your classes are cancelled.
  • You get rate protection for whole year.(Our rates are usually adjusted every six months, subject to various factors). Further we employ dynamic fee policy based on multiple factors.Our prices fluctuate around the year, upto 300%.

What is the best strategy to take full advantage of private tuition, if money is the prime deciding factor?

  • If you have already paid for coaching institutes, then best strategy is to start in grade XII.
  • Private tuition with good faculty for 2 hours per week is very efficient in removing doubts and getting new good learning tricks.
  • If you are already in grade XII and money is constraint, then it is better to take tuitions in last quarter i.e. September onwards. With 10 hours per month you will pay only for 40 hours and gain maximum since you know your doubts well.​
  • You can plan your sessions since you are aware of total course.
  • Your speed shall be faster since you know the course well.
  • We recommend minimum tuition of 4 months or 40 hours per subject since there are 40 main topics per subject and on average minimum one hour is required to brush any of the topics.​
However regular tuitions for two years or one year will surely beat these shorter durations.

If I wish to join a coaching only, then what should be the criteria?

  • Join any coaching which promotes less than 25 students per class.The world standard is 15 students per class.A class of 20-25 students is best for group learning in traditional settings.
  • Ask for percentage of selection or successful students for that particular centre.Don't go on all India selections or state wise selections.These results are often produced in EXCEL batches of these institutes, which have 15-25 students, and are taught by their best faculties (Often founding members).
  • Join any institute having more than 50% selection rate.

I am on fixed budget say 40,000/- per subject.How can I get private tuition then?

  • For students having tight budget we advise them two doubt classes a month per subject along with self study.A good teacher saves a lot of learning time.Same concept will take a normal student 20 hrs to learn, while a good faculty will complete the same in 2 hrs.A mediocre faculty will take 10 hrs for the same!
  • Secondly you can try to form a group.Typically a group of five students reduce price for each of them by 50% and still results are similar to private tutoring.
  • Last resort may be online tuition via Skype.You get 10% flat discount.You can ask for discounts as faculties give good discounts for odd slots when they are free and no one else is taking tuition on those odd hours for online tuition.

How to get discounts in private tuition (For deserving students of economically weaker section)?

  • If you are really constrained with money, you must explain the whole situation to the faculty.​
  • Joining at the start of academic year may save some money. In the starting of academic year all institutes, Tutors etc. give hefty discounts to fill bathces. As batches fill the fees increases dynamically. Just like Air fare.Usually in mid session when almost all tutors are full, they will charge a premium in the excess of 30% over regular fees since they virtually have no time left to take new batches.
  • You must offer the faculty the maximum you can pay (Be honest since in services you can count how much one is delivering).
  • Be reasonable and give more flexibility to the faculty regarding time slots and days.
  • Any faculty loves to teach sincere students. If you can show the faculty that you ward is ready to work hard and give results, they may offer you generous discounts.
  • Don't misuse this facility since you might be taking share of a worthy student who might have got the discount.
  • Remember discounts comes with reduced perks and some inconveniences. Try to pay in full if you can. We reserve discounts for students of economically weaker section.

Why your fees fluctuate around the year?

We employ dynamic fee pricing.

  • Our fees depends on many factors like distance between faculty's place and students place.
  • Number of students in route of faculty.
  • You can expect a 20% discount if faculty has more students on the same route.
  • There can be a surcharge of 20% if faculty has no students in your route or your place is far from faculties location (More than 1 hour one way traveling time).
  • We teach only six students per year. As time available decreases, price increases subsequently. We reserve two slots in premium mode only (600,000/- per year). Hence earlier you begin better it becomes.

What is premium mode?

  • Premium mode is the best mode avaialble through us.
  • There are no limitations on number of hours etc. per class in premium mode.
  • We teach only six students per year. 4 regular and 2 premium.
  • Premium students get one day per faculty per week. For regular students we teach two students per day.
  • For regular students, time and day is fixed. Class cancellation not allowed.
  • For premium students class rescheduling is allowed. All books listed on website are provided (plus any extra books needed as deemed by faculty).
  • Premium students can reshcedule their class as soon as their home work is completed. They do not have to wait for one week to get next class.
  • Premium students are enrolled to all online test series or offline test series (as and when required or deemed necessary by the faculty) by the academy.
  • Basically premium mode is 'Sit back and relax' mode. All your worries (Books, Test Series etc.) are taken care by the academy.

How many students you teach per year?

  • We teach only 6 students per year.
  • 4 Regular Students and 2 Premium students.
  • Out of four regular students we offer discounts to 2 students from economically backward section. Essentially we teach two economically weak (but deserving) students, two regular students with out discounts and two premium students.
  • All discounts depend on assessment class and are not binding in any sense.
  • We teach one premium student per day and two regular students per day.
  • Rest of time is reserved for research and enhancements in teaching standards.

Avail limited period Teacher's Day Academic Discount up to 36%
(See Fee Structure)
Offer valid only till September 5, 2018.