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  • What is an assessment class and assessment test ?
    In assessment class we try to understand the study habits and underlying problems (Both academic as well as psychological) of the student and plan the future course of action. We suggest books they must refer, way of studies, timing for practice and a whole bunch of life transforming advice. Assessment class is an diagnostic class and NOT judgmental class. We ask several questions (Both academic as well as psychological) to understand the subject expertise, inner thinking patterns as well as real motivations of the student. We try to chalk out best plan of action for the student and the best courses he/she must prepare to get best results. Future expectations and projections from the coaching are devised and designed. We assess the student and project the improvement in the grades or marks or ranks etc. In short in assessment class we find out the diagnosis of the underlying problem (needs) and the design the roadmap to achieve the desired transformation. Assessment test is for IIT JEE Ace students and is a testing class with written test also if required. Read more here
  • At which class student must start IIT JEE preparation?
    This article is reproduced from IIT JEE Blog. Should I start preparing from grade 6th? This is a persistent myth specially among Indian, ambitious and over enthusiastic (read protective) parents, that 'sooner the better' (शुभस्य शीघ्रम). Certainly this is absolutely true for some fields where sooner is indeed better. For example in some competitive sports involving muscle memory like cricket, foot ball etc. sooner is indeed better. Catch them young is cent percent true for certain sports, strategic games like chess involving specific skills like pattern recognition and photographic memory. For some academic subjects involving child prodigies again the thesis holds ground. For IT JEE does preparing since grade 6th or even grade 9th has any value for a normal average or even bright student? From my observation and experience from teaching students from grade 6th to grade 9th for IIT JEE, there is no perceived advantage from very early start. My reasons are as follows (Based on experience). Grade 6th or even grade 9th student is not very matured to understand IIT JEE concepts. He/she is just in a playful stage of teen years with raging hormones, lack of focus and discipline. He/she is not mature enough to understand importance of career and IIT JEE nor is inclined to learn all mumbo jumbo involved in IIT JEE prep. There physical body is not developed enough to study for long hours like 5 hours per day required to study for IIT JEE. JEE preparation requires long hours of practice (typically six hours per day apart from coaching and school). The reason is not that it is very tough but that the course is too wide. They cannot/will not/should not work this hard at this playful and tender age. Their fingers are weak so as their back bone. Hence they can never finish the required home work for JEE classes per day. Children in early teens require multiple intelligences to be developed. At this impressionable age they must try most available option to try and find any other exceptional latent skill the might have. After 11th they may never get chance to find their hidden talents if any. Hence parents must encourage their kids to find their passion in some sports, music, arts, board games etc. and develop a concrete hobby for life. Two years of preparation is sufficient for IIT JEE. I recommend students to enroll for coaching's/tuitions etc. just after 10th board exams. In the summer vacation they will finish the required bridge course to fill the gap of basics between IIT JEE prep and boards. After ward two years is more than enough time to clear IIT JEE with good ranks. Early starters tend to forget the course learned in grade 9th since they do dual course. They often need revision in 11th grade. Hence early bird do not catch any worm in the case of test preparation. Early prep is just marketing and business gimmick for fat earning coaching industry. If parents are really inclined to give their kids a early start they can give their kids some Algebra book by Hall and knight and trigonometry book by SL Loney and let them find their edge. Some foundation material is also good for kids as well as some online test series. Hence do not fret parents. Let your kids live their cherished childhood and develop themselves into an all round personality. IIT JEE preparation will take its course in due time. Happy parenting.
  • What is Socratic Method of teaching ?
    Socratic Method of learning and teaching. This technique is based on interactive question answer techniques. This method saves a lot of time and is very efficient in imparting complex concepts in about 1/3rd of the time required to teach students. We ask questions to know what student already knows. Then we give suitable hints to the students to reach on the final conclusion on their own. Student is only taught what he doesn't know. In short our teaching is complementary (Learning by doing) and NOT supplementary (spoon feeding and formula based problem solving). Basically it is an interactive teaching methodology, involving student to do things them selves, guided by mentor. To us teaching is complete development of mind rather percent-o-mania in action. However our students score very well in exams. Most of them are usually in top 3. We give customized handwritten notes (In live session) to students. We don't give pre-baked (Printed) notes as research has shown that self written notes increase learning by as much as 67%.
  • How much improvement can I expect ?
    Depends entirely on your hard work and sincerity. We have brought students who were on the verge of failing to getting more than 90% . Typically you can expect an improvement of at least 20% from your joining or bottom performance. Without boasting, our experience tells us that, every student whom we have taught (from whatever level) has managed to be in top 5 spot in his or her class ,if they are not there already. We only prefer full term courses. We are NOT only promising better marks but a life transformation. Our faculties are well equipped with enough life experience and knowledge that they will transform the life of the student. Since transformation needs time, We teach subject matter along with motivational lectures, life skills and knowledge from many other domains. You can think this coaching as a complete life transformation and NOT just improvement in grades or marks.
  • How many classes per week are there and duration?
    One class per week of 2 to 3 hours is apt with a break of 15 min in between. Total course is finished in max 80 hours in one on one basis.20 hours for revision. Hence 10 hours per month = 100 hours in total are more than required. Faculties discretion is final in class schedule and duration.
  • How many students you teach per year?
    We teach only 3 students per year (One student per day). Admissions are confirmed in January month for upcoming academic year. Example : For 2023-24 session admissions shall be finalized by Jan 2023.
  • What is IIT JEE Ace (Top 500)?
    IIT JEE Ace is a special preparation program designed for very bright students aspiring for top 500 rank or better. For top 500 students it is expected that they are thorough till JEE Mains level and basics. There are two classes per week. The classes are discussion classes in essence with advance short cuts and theory. Faculty and student solves 20-30 tough problems in collaborative method of instruction (Learning through discovery or Moore's method) Further rankers level problem are given for home work. Be aware that this is a very taxing and difficult course. Admission is strictly based on assessment test which may include written test as well as live class test.
  • Why one should join Personal touch academy?
    “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” Benjamin Franklin. Personal Tutoring can put you miles ahead in the cut throat race of competitive exams of today's era. You only have to invest once and benefits are life long and compounding. Studies have conclusively shown that 'Learning is an individualised process'. One to one tutoring is thus the best way to impart high quality education in kids. We are IIT JEE specialist in personal tutoring domain. We are consistently ranked No. 1 in private tutoring in Mumbai. We are continuously researching latest pedagogical techniques like Spaced learning, Reflective teaching, Socratic method of learning, interleaved teaching and scientific methods like Cornell university note talking method to improve learning and retention. Any amount of money cannot increase a single mark of your kid. 12 boards and IIT JEE entrance is an life changing event. You only have to invest once. We suggest to pursue the best way possible (Whatever it could be) for your child to perform his or her level best. We select students based on Assessment Class. Only pre condition is willingness to learn and commitment to work hard and we promise miracles.
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