Prof. Hemant Pandey's Story and future vision

Prof. Hemant Pandey was born in Dehradun (Uttarakhand) and belongs to Lucknow (Uttar Pradesh). During starting years of his education, Prof. Pandey was deeply inclined towards languages and social sciences. No where in the hindsight or even in his wildest dreams he was thinking to be a mathematician or a science student.

Things were going smooth till grade VIIIth. Even though Mr. Pandey was always a student in top five of his class, majority portion of his grades were coming from humanities and not from science and maths.

To speak truth, Mr Pandey barely used to pass in maths till grade VIIIth and was average in science.

He was a good writer and aspiring poet.

But destiny had another plans stored for him for future. Due to rivalry with a fellow student Mr. Pandey started taking maths quite seriously from grade IXth. A student who was in bottom 5 in mathematics and had no intention to pursue maths in future had to struggle really hard even to solve basic maths problems.

But the determination was acute and with his own self study and guidance from supportive but strict maths Sir, he progressed well.

He has to learn basic concepts like number system, basic algebra and geometry to understand the very meaning of the written sentences in the Textbooks!

He was a KV student (CBSE) and even though teachers were supportive, they couldn't find much time to help an student lacking basics even from grade VIth.

But disciplined self study and sheer determination proved right and Mr. Pandey managed to score second highest marks in Maths that year. It was sort of miracle to go from last two in Maths to top two. After that there was no looking back. As the saying goes, Once a topper, always a topper.


Mr. Pandey scored highest marks in Ist term in Maths in Grade Xth and then never looked back. He topped both board exams in Xth and XIIth scoring highest marks in school with A1 grade. 

Mr. Pandey became so deeply involved in Maths that he missed other crucial subjects like Chemistry. Consequently he scored only 4 marks in chemistry in JEE and was barred fro admission in IITs even though his marks in Maths and physics were quite good. He couldn't clear the cutoff marks in Chemistry.

But now since his prime interest was in Mathematics, he joined Bachelors of Science (Bsc) and consequently completed Masters in Mathematics (Msc) from LU (Lucknow University) and CSJM (Kanpur University) respectively.

After college (in fact during college), Mr. Pandey started his career as a content developer and assistant faculty at an Institute for Olympiad aspirants. For next two years he continued to work as a associate faculty while helping gout students to solve intricates of Olympiad problems.


Next he got a job offer from CMS (City Montessori School, Gunnies Book of world record holder for maximum number of students in one city). He wrote several books over there as a ghost writer for XI-XII boards on possible types of Questions in Board exams etc. He also supervised a learning center under CMS innovation wing for helping students prepare for competitive exams.

After this job he switched to being full term IIT JEE professional and joined largest institute for IIT JEE preparation in North India (Trivag). Afterwards he joined TIME (largest test preparation institute for CAT students in India). TIME had just entered in IIT JEE that year and he was HOD for Lucknow center.

After TIME, he joined Career Point (CP), Jaipur center, largest institute for IIT JEE Mains and advanced in India with 60 centers all across India. From Jaipur he got a chance to work in Meccademia Dubai, Number one IIT JEE test preparation institute in UAE with centers over Dubai, Sharjah, Alain and Abu Dhabi.

Later he continued to work at NH Elite (IIT Study Circle), Sri Ram Group promoted coaching institute.

Prof. Pandey had job offers from almost every institute in India, including FIIT JEE, IITian's Pace, Rao Academy, Master Mind and countless more.

After all the stint all across India, Prof. Pandey arrived in Navi Mumbai with a new institute, Athena. After one year of operation Prof. Pandey decided to launch his own institute.

The natural query arises that after working for 10 long years in the industry as a head faculty what prompted Prof. Pandey to leave green pastures of lucrative corporate IIT JJE field ?

The answer is well explained in the article Insider secret of education industry. The summary is that institutes charge equally to all students but focus primarily on cream students (who are given scholarships up to 100%), forming special A1 batches for them and neglecting the students who pay the full amount. The socialization of losses and privatization of profits made Prof. Pandey launch his own academy.

Right now Prof. pandey selects only three students per year for personal tutoring (charges 5000/- per hour, billed yearly). Rest of his time he deploys at his other school projects, writing responsibilities and researching newer ways to teach students understand better.


Prof. Pandey writes on Quora (3500 followers, 2.7 million views), published 5 books on Amazon, runs a Personal Blog (1000+ free articles) about general life tips and motivation.

Future Vision

Prof. Pandey has a future vision and goal to open a completely free teaching academy for deserving weak students of economically weaker section.

The academy shall be totally free for all (Including affluent class) and will run on concept of Gurukul. all students can donate  (Guru Dakshina) a non compulsory contribution at the end of academic year. All articles on his blog are free (No Ads), All his You Tube videos are not monetized and are free for viewers.

Right now he is working towards securing necessary funds to run and maintain such an academy. Interested persons (organizations) may contact him at 9167766005 for donations and help.