6 ways to expand knowledge apart from reading books

June 24, 2018


  • Apply your knowledge. Knowing is never enough. More you apply better you get.

  • Make notes from books. Revise like exams. One reading is never enough. Every time I reread any book, I get a new insight. We pick only those things which are necessary for our immediate survival. As life progresses our challenges change and hence we need better insight.

  • Activity and traveling are always helpful in getting more practical knowledge.

  • Writing your thoughts out always helps. Introspection is viable only when you reread your thoughts. Metacognition (Thinking about thinking) is also best while rereading your thoughts.

  • Teaching is known to increase your skill in any discipline.

  • Cross Mixing of ideas helps to reach higher goals. You can do mixed learning. Learn new topic, subjects, disciplines etc.

Your mind is 10X more creative than you assume.

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