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What's the best way to increase productivity?

Only known way to increase productivity is through ‘one point focus’.

  • Stop multitasking : If your are eating, only eat and do nothing else. You will be surprised that

    • Your total food intake is halved.

    • Time taken to complete meal is also halved.

  • Set a deadline for any task mentally : If you want to complete a chapter for example.

    • Overview your task.

    • Set a mental deadline , for example 2 hrs. This is the deadline for you to stop studying or finishing chapter, whatever.

  • Mind is a lot more productive when it can visualize future and plan accordingly. But never plan for whole week. Mind hates ‘over planning’. Have a broader plan and a nuclear plan. Nuclear plan always for next job. Broader planes may be for week, month or years.

  • Reward yourself or restrict your self for motivations : Punishment and reward work very well for mind.

  • Want to eat that chocolate flavored ice cream. Make your mind work for it. Yes you can eat that ice cream ONLY after finishing 25 problems or cleaning your room or replying those mails etc.

  • Don’t allow your self to get up from your seat unless you finish that one page left in essay home work etc. (I cannot leave my chair unless I finish this answer. Yes ‘Comedy Nights’ is on air but rules are rules!).

  • 10% extra rule : Yes this is a very good productivity hack. It is well known fact that we always underestimate our abilities and capacity. Navy seals believe that people use only 40% of their actual ability at one go. I am only adding 10% more.

  • Suppose you decided to write 10 pages, you can definitely write one more with some effort and heat of the moment. Please do it else who knows when you MOOD be the same again!

  • You did 10 reps of that barbell, great. Okay just one more!.

Remember, it is the extra which makes you extra ordinary and always in demand.

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