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Our Advanced Latest Teaching Methods

  • Socratic method (Method of hypothesis elimination): We believe in conversational teaching methods based on open ended question and answer technique purported by legendary Greek (Athenian) philosopher, scholar and teacher, Socrates.

  • Reflective Teaching : Our teaching approach follows reflective teaching model. We are in constant endeavor to improve our selves and adjust in accordance to the need of students. We have a road map to guide students to reach their full potential.

  • Inter Leaved Teaching :This has been confirmed by research that "Inter mixed" learning of concepts is the best way to learn difficult concepts. Student must learn few concepts in smaller proportion and mix up the learning process.

Quoting the research we have

"On a test one day later, the students who'd been using the interleaving method did 25 percent better. But when tested a

month later, the interleaving method [users] did 76 percent better"

  • Research based Personalized Class Notes : There is no dearth of study material for IIT JEE in the market. The main problem is studying selectively.

  • We have researched about every possible book in the market plus every possible study material available to pick the gems for our students.

  • This can be a major determining factor since no student can research every possible book in the market in such short span of time on his own.

  • To scan every book and study material in market requires almost 10 years of hard work and expertise. Further we continuously search for upgraded better learning methods and study material in addition to developing our own skills.

  • Our teaching methods / notes are well researched and personalized for each student.

  • Trained eye of a faculty plus countless hours of hard work puts any student of ours miles ahead of all those in the competition. A good teacher demonstrates, great teachers inspire. That is our core philosophy.

  • We are not only IIT JEE trainers but life coach. Student learns a great deal about time management, life skills, street smartness and countless other topics along with their subject.

  • Even in a 3 hour class student can never get bored as our learned faculties glide students through various topics and enhances not only his core subject knowledge but total personality.

"The mediocre teacher tells.

The good teacher explains.

The superior teacher demonstrates.

The great teacher inspires."

William Arthur Ward

  • Our teaching of 2 hours demand research of 10 hours. This always gives students edge over others. Their time to research and understand the subject is lessened by miles.​

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