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What are the typical charges for Home Tuition?

Private Tuition charges depends on many factors. Usually they start from 1500/- per hour for grade 10th.

  • For JEE the charges start from 2500/- per hour for new teachers (Usually students of Engineering or IIT).

  • For faculties having up to 5 years of teaching experience in coaching institutes charges usually start from 3000/- per hour.

  • Good faculties with more than 10 years of experience start from 5000/- per hour for IIT JEE.

Main difference between a new faculty and an experienced faculty is time taken to teach any concept. An experienced faculty knows by his experience what to teach and what to skip.

Experienced faculty usually take 30% of time in teaching the same concept as compared to new inexperienced faculty.

We use Socratic method of teaching. This method is deductive question answer method. Socrates teaching method takes only 30% of time as compared to regular method and is much more efficient in ingraining new concepts in student's mind.

"The years teach much which the days never know."    ~  Ralph Waldo Emerson

We do not work on hourly mode but only on yearly mode.

Call 866 97 99 333 to schedule assessment class (Charges ₹ 5000).

Always WhatsApp before call.

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