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How many classes are there in a week and why?

  • One class per week of 2 to 3 hours is apt with a break of 15 min in between.

  • Total course is finished in max 80 hours in one-on-one basis.20 hours for revision. Hence 10 hours per month = 100 hours in total are more than required.

  • Based on teaching methodology of spaced learning 7 days break allows the mind to settle concepts, fight with the problems given in previous class and generate new ideas. Our supplemental teaching model aspires to make student self-sufficient and not a spoon-fed memory filled learner.

  • Students have to learn three subjects altogether. Hence, he/she needs at least 2 days per subject per week plus one day of weekly rest.

  • Faculties discretion is final in class schedule and duration.


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