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What is an assessment class ?

  • In assessment class we try to understand the study habits and underlying problems (Both academic as well as psychological) of the student and plan the future course of action.

  • We suggest books they must refer, way of studies, timing for practice and a whole bunch of life transforming advice.

  • Assessment class is an diagnostic class and NOT judgmental class.

  • We ask several simple questions (Both academic as well as psychological) to understand the subject expertise, inner thinking patterns as well as real motivations of the student.

  • We try to chalk out best plan of action for the student and the best courses he/she must prepare to get best results.

  • Future expectations and projections from the coaching are devised and designed. We assess the student and project the improvement in the grades or marks or ranks etc.

  • In short in assessment class we find out the diagnosis of the underlying problem (needs) and the design the roadmap to achieve the desired transformation.

Be curious, not judgmental.

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