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What is your best way to kill the laziness?

I have my own practical solutions. Being a LAZY SLOTH my self, these solutions work pretty well.

  1. Get physical : Laziness is both state of mind as well as reaction of physiological processes. When ever I feel extremely lazy or lethargic, I either wake up (literally!) and do some sort of physical work or work out. I either walk inside my house for five minutes (with a timer on phone) or do 10 push ups. I need to do this every hour or so. Since I go to gym regularly, I do not do push ups now but walking always works.

  2. Mind tweak : We as ‘lazy people association’ are very much aware of our procrastination abilities!. My hack to this is to start the work.

  • My lazy mind : You can’t finish this now. Better leave it dude!

  • My practical mind : But man you can start the work at least!

  • MLM : But what is the point in starting a job which you can’t finish.

  • MPM : What is the point in not starting it!

  • Since it is well known effect in psychology namely Zeigarnick effect, that unfinished task is always alive in your mind. Focus on starting any task. Your mind will finish it on its own.

  1. Dress Up for the job : This particular trick is also very effective. Suppose you wan to study but unable to focus, just dress up as you are going to your school or college. Your mind will become active and think that some work has started. People who work from home often dress up or wear socks or belts etc. to give their mind a shot in productivity. This mind trick is also well researched and demonstrated to work really well.

  2. Take advantage of environment : You know people work out at least 60% more in gym than in their home. Yes the environment changes your perception. Every body is working out and working hard. Mirror neurons work in our favor here. So you want to study at your home. Make environment like a college. Put restrictions. No one should disturb you, not even your phone or social media. Create environment conducive for studies. Put a big mirror in front of your desk to give a feel that some one is watching you etc.

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