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Fresh fruits contain 80% water, and dry fruits contain 15% water. How much dry fruits can be obtaine

Fresh fruit = Real Dry fruit (No water) + Water

Dry Fruit = Real Dry Fruit + Water

Hence 1 KG of Fresh Fruit = 200 grams of real dry fruit ( We counted water content of both fruit + Dry fruit).

Now 1000 grams of dry fruit has 15% water i.e. 150 grams of water.

Hence 1000 grams dry fruit has 850 grams of real dry fruit.

Thus 100 grams of real dry fruit is obtained from = (1000/850)*100 = 117.64 grams of dry fruit.

Hence dry fruit obtained = 68*0.2*1.1764 = 15.999 KG

End Note :

  • In layman’s terms, we find real dry fruit by taking 80% water out. Since we took water in dry fruit also out, we compensated it by multiplying it to 1.1764 to the real dry fruit obtained.

  • Remember we have to increase something to about 17.64% to compensate loss of 15%. Hence it always take higher percentage gain to make up for losses of similar gain. Loss in any shares price by 15% is equal to gain in 17.64% from the price it was dropped!!

  • Common example : 20% loss from 100/- is 80/-. But 20% gain from 80/- is just 96/-!. Hence to cover losses of 20%, market needs to grow to another 25% from the drop!

Hence loss is always more dangerous than gains. Never believe what your instinct say, trust the numbers.

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