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Insider secret of education industry

Having worked in the field of IIT JEE training for last 15 years, we realized the 'real game' of these so called prestigious coaching institutes. Have a look at the insider information.

The modus operandi is as follows. (Which we can also follow if our morals allow).

Advertisement Gimmick : Every 'big' institute advertises their last year results on big hoardings with many results (many results are genuine but quite a few top ones are 'purchased')

  • High Ranks but very low selection percentage : The innocent parent sees their child's future on that board, failing to realize that the selection percentage is just 3-6 %.

  • Typically on any big coaching institute, out of 80 in a batch on average (not those 'excel batches' but averaged on whole), selection of students is around 4-6, per batch!

  • On admission, students who are otherwise brilliant and score more than 95% and also score very well in admission tests, are given hefty discounts of about 90-100%! These students might get selected on their own or with any normal coaching .

  • Other students who pay full fees are the real 'customers' but the real benefits is passed on to those cream students paying nearly zero fees!

  • Ordeal doesn't end here. The weak students or students who really paid get no special treatment and often are treated as second class citizens. Batches are segregated in first two months (when all the installments are realized) and those paying students are left to the mercy of their own!

  • Having worked in these institutes, managers can be heard saying directly to faculties to focus of 'those cream students' and give them special attention since these students are their ticket to next year game plan! This is where private tuition comes to rescue.

  • To ensure high Quality and commitment we only select only 3 students per year. Selection is done via assessment class (Charges 5000/-) only.​​

Read a real life student account here

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