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Why IIT JEE is really tough?

IIT JEE is touted as toughest entrance exam in world. But why? Is IIT JEE really tough or is it tricky or is the course too wide and needs lot of hard work to get finished? Read more to find out.

  • Around 15 Lakh students sit for IIT JEE Mains and Adv examination. With around 5000 general seats for IITs, odds of getting selected from start are just 1 in 300!

  • In NIITs, general seats are around 15,000, Odds of getting into an NIIT are still 1 in 100!

  • To quantify this, in any school with a strength of 300 in Grade 12, the odds are just 1 student in IIT and at most 3 in NIIT!

  • Even if we take about 2.5 lakh students currently selected for JEE advanced as serious and prepared students, the odds are still 1 in 60 for IIT and 1 in 20 for NIIT!

  • The sheer number of aspirants, for a handful seats make IIT JEE most competitive exam in the world!

  • Let us quantify the numbers more. In IIT JEE Maths (Similar stats for physics and chemistry), we have about 50 broad topics like Complex Numbers, Logarithms, Sequences etc. Within these topics we have an average of about 20 sub topics per main topic like for Complex Numbers we could have, 'Iota and properties', 'Cube root of Complex Numbers', 'De Moiré's theorem', 'Coni Method (Rotation theorem)', 'Nth Roots of unity' and many more.

  • Hence in a span of two years (600 Days to be precise, deducting board exams, holidays etc.), a student has to muster and master about 1000 different concepts! This converges to about two new concepts of IIT JEE level per day!

  • You can relate with this : You must have heard stories in your neighborhood or among your relatives about how come a very good students (May be School topper or RMO/NMO qualified student or Homi Bhabha Scholar or KVYP selectee) failed to clear IIT or even NIIT! Now you can relate that IIT JEE is an exam of managing numbers and not exactly talent.

  • Let us again calculate a different statistics. We have IIT JEE going on since 70 years. Take 3 more similar exams like Roorkee, MNR, MHCET (Roorkee is now merged with IIT JEE and MNR with AIEEE). Hence we can safely assume that per year we have 3 exam papers to be solved and mastered (Just for the different types of questions since questions seldom repeat).

  • Thus any student has to solve around 200 times 30 questions i.e. just 6000 question which have just appeared in different competitive exams! Which comes to around 10 question per day for XI going students and 20 Questions per day for XII going students.

  • Add just one similar question for practice and retrieval, total number of questions per day jump to 20 per day for XI student and 40 for XII student!

  • Most of the very good students we know are unable to complete the total course required to sit in JEE. IIT JEE is TOUGH, no doubt about that, but not exactly due to the complexity of problems but due to the sheer number of concepts required to master and reproduce in three hour exam. There is no secret to crack engineering entrance except for the fact of smart learning, knowing all possible kinds of problems and their applications. Smart learning and strategic planning out pars intelligence and talent by miles in JEE.

Read this article about IIT JEE and reactions of Australian University professors. These esteemed professors certainly find JEE extremely tough.

Watch video below.

  • IIT JEE is NOT a Talent Search Exam but a Strategy Test Exam. The one having the best plan gets successful.

  • Just like a sports instructor or gym trainer helps you achieve your goals 3X faster, a personal JEE Trainer does the same for you. The key word is 'Time'. Time is the real currency of future.

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